The best tomato varieties: sweet, tasty, rich in flavour

Our tomatoes are grown in the heart of the Mediterranean: thanks to the mild climate all year round, they are particularly healthy and tasty.

Discover all the Naturosa tomato varieties available: a rich selection that allows you to enjoy the tomato in all its forms.

The tomato is probably the most widely used vegetable in cooking. Its versatility allows it to be prepared in the most varied ways and used in endless recipes. Depending on the variety, which defines its shape, colour and flavour, the tomato can be used for sauces and preserves, eaten raw in salads or simply as a snack. In addition to the more traditional uses, it also lends itself to alternative and unusual uses, such as in juices or even cocktails, like the famous Bloody Mary.

However it is cooked, the tomato possesses valuable sensorial and nutritional qualities. A valuable health ally, it is rich in nutrients and low in calories. It has an antioxidant function thanks to the presence of lycopene, which makes it particularly useful in fighting ageing, cardiovascular diseases and even certain forms of cancer.