Safety and checks for guaranteed quality

We carry out continuous checks and monitoring of production: at the beginning, during and end of the operation. We put in place continuous surveillance that guarantees the quality and healthiness of the fruit and vegetables in compliance with the highest level of production standards.

The quality of our agricultural production is guaranteed by the strict application of regional and national guidelines and the implementation of a system of checks aimed at ensuring the absence of pesticide residues in the product.

We carefully and scrupulously select the best agricultural products: only the most flawless and tasty fruits are placed on the market. From the field to the table, everything is aimed at maximum consumer enjoyment, the ultimate goal of our production.

The production processes and the quality of the agricultural products marketed are subject to a continuous evolutionary process, the result of feedback through experience, work and development.

Research for improvement and the contribution of fresh knowledge in the field of fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques form the basis of our work.