All the virtue of Sicily on your table

Fresh, immediate and incisive, the Naturosa brand was formed by the company's desire to relate directly with the consumer.

A new name that is able to win the trust of consumers not only thanks to the quality of our agricultural products but also to the values that characterise us: the quest for quality and authenticity, respect for the environment and for people.

Attentive to market needs and consumer demands, Naturosa brings to the table the best varieties of fruit and vegetables that Sicily has to offer: genuine and tasty products, for a healthy diet that does not sacrifice taste.

We offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables, good and wholesome, to allow you to savour that is commonplace in our territory and decorate your kitchen with taste and Sicilianness!

From the iconic Pachino tomato to the Date-shaped tomatoes and San Marzano, from the classic violet aubergine to the more sought-after long-fruited variety, from the yellow pepper to the green cornetto pepper, from the Black Magic grape to the classic Etna prickly pear. More information at