Controlled production processes throughout the supply chain

The continuous and rigorous controls carried out on our members' activities and factories allow us to offer the market safe, quality-certified agricultural products.

The company holds a number of certifications that are a guarantee of controlled, monitored work in line with food safety and environmental requirements:


The GLOBALG.A.P. standard serves to assure consumers of agricultural food production methods by establishing a single standard of Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) with different product applications, catering for the global agriculture as a whole and ensuring a responsible approach to the health and safety of workers and food.

Certificate No. 4049928634184 - Registration No.: CQ P379 -Certifying Body: Certiquality S.r.l.


It is a standard for the inspection of good social practices. The GRASP module complements what is already present in the GlobalG.A.P. IFA standard on the health and safety of workers, focusing on the assessment of basic indicators on potential social risks at farm level.

• Certificate No. 4049928634184

• Registration No.: CQ P2402/1

• Certifying body: Certiquality S.r.l.

Organic farming - European certification

Organic Certification guarantees compliance with EU standards (EC Reg. 834/07 and EC Reg. 889/08) of organically produced products at all stages of the production chain, from field to table.

• Certificate No. 02386/100687/276/17

• Control body code: EN BIO 014

• Certifying body: QCertificazioni srl